Another Delay? I Think Not

Greetings and hello. You may think this is a stall… but you would in fact be wrong.

This my friends, is an Update.


This week we have not had a chance to meet up, as we have said in the past we are both PhD students at the University of Glasgow and although we try not to let it affect our film schedule too much, there are on occasion some unavoidable technical hitches.

This week it's John's turn As he has mentioned previously he is having to deal with some second year progression stuff which has taken him away this week and as he has the hardware we need to make our podcasts, I am unable to both inform and entertain you on my own as John has done in the past.

But fear not! Oh my fellow podcastians (I just made that word up, but I feel it sums up my point nicely) for it shall return, oh yes, it shall return… next week.

The reason for the second heading being 2009 by the way is a reference from the last podcast (number seven) where we sent messages to those listening in the future, 2009, when we think we will have finished the film (yes I know… listen and you will get the idea). We went into a bit of a ramble on that podcast actually. But for me, and I think John would agree, it was one of the more entertaining and fun podcasts we have recorded. It gives you a bit of an insight into the sleep deprived parts of our brains while also bringing up some interesting points that were talked about in the last few news entries.

I do have a message from John, however, and this is a genuine quote I just received from him via Skype (he doesn't know I am posting this, well he will shortly after I hit publish).

   "scoobididoodaday" - John, 10.11.2007

This could be a good discussion heading so please, feel free to leave some feedback.

We shall both be back next week and I shall (as I know John already does) keep an eye out for some interesting articles and post them up.

Have a good week, Scott and John.

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