Site Success

Well, our gaps in updating the website are still continuing, but it seems that the updates that we are making are worth the wait. Our first tutorial has proven to be very successful and our move to video podcasting is getting a lot of positive feedback.


We read a news site everyday called BlenderNation. It's the best place on the net to keep up to date with blender news. And what a thrill it was to load up the BlenderNation on June 10th to see that there was an article about us! Well, not about us specifically. It was actually about our first tutorial. We're thrilled with this exposure from our very first tutorial and the feedback we have been getting has been extremely positive. We're going to take the suggestions that people have given us and try to make the tutorial even better. We can only hope that our future tutorials live up to this high standard.

The post on BlenderNation gave the fictionality website a huge spike in traffic and we are delighted that our servers were up to the job. The total number of visitors to the site since we opened is now six times what it was last week. Thanks to everyone who came to see the tutorial and for all the feedback and suggestions. We really appreciate it.

Video Podcasts

We have also made the tentative move to video podcasting. While this has caused a reduction in the audio quality of our broadcasts, we have been getting really positive feedback so we will try to continue along this line. We released a new webisode as well and our friends all seem to find it funny, so we're pleased about that.

We're still deciding whether or not to invest in a new audio setup for the video podcasting to revive our former audio quality, so we'll keep you updated.

Other News

The film itself is coming together and we have just finished our final series of CGI tests. That means we are now able to start principal photography. However, we still want to take some time to improve our acting skills which, we must say, are still fairly atrocious. Hopefully it will all work out though and we are very pleased that everything else is coming together so well.

Scott and John.

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