Another Delay? I Think Not

Greetings and hello. You may think this is a stall… but you would in fact be wrong.

This my friends, is an Update.


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Open Source Movies

I thought it was about time that we made a little post about the difference between an open source film and a creative commons one. The difference is only a subtle one, but we believe it is an important one as well.


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Lilypond and Music Scoring

I have recently been putting a lot of effort into learning a scoring program called Lilypond. I really like Lilypond because it produces very professional looking music scores and is open source.

It takes a while to get used to the programming language and in many ways the work flow is similar to using the LaTeX typesetting system. Actually, I think Lilypond started out as a package for LaTeX, then got big enough to become its own system.

In fitting with our own creative commons philosophy, I thought I would let everyone see my first efforts at scoring the theme for the film.


When the people took back art

There has been a lot of talk recently about the music industry facing ever increasing problems. Usually this is attributed to piracy and file sharing communities on the internet. However, perhaps it is just that they have been taking advantage for too long and people have had enough.


Interview and Podcast 4

Here's some information on our next podcast topic and news on the recent interview we had with Paul Caggegi.


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