Scott Heron

Scott is one of the creators of Sympodius Studios, along with John. Scott has no film experience but has spent the last year learning blender and helping to develop ideas and screen plays. John and Scott share all the roles in Sympodius Studios equally. This means that they are both: Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Animator, Composer, Camera Operator, .etc…

Basically, everything to do with the production of the film is filled by either John or Scott. Although, in some cases, a friend may help them, they basically fill every role themselves.

Scott's hobbies included robotics, programming AI systems, Xbox 360 (Elite baby yeah!) ;-), comedy and films. He does get outside however, and when he does he enjoys a pint with friends, going to the beach and hill walking. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Glasgow.

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For those who wish more…

Scott has completed a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, an MSc in Microsystems and Nanotechnology and an MRes in Proteomics. He is currently studying for his PhD in Proteomic Technologies at Glasgow University.

He has One sister, Gillian who is qualified in Fashion design and marketing and his mother is a senior programmer.

(This makes Scott a Second Generation Programmer, with good clothing advice, WOHH).

His Dad lives and works in Ocean City, Maryland, USA as a senior Architect designing condos and although was born and bred in Scotland, UK he has since naturalised as a US citizen (free trips to ocean city cant be a bad thing :-P).

He decided with John one day, after having played with Blender, that making a short CGI movie could be a lot of fun, as well as a pleasent change from the norm, Scott loves a challenge, and so the story continues… check the pod and vidcasts for more.

Scott was once quoted as saying: “Live the dream, but only when it suits”, “Be bold and brash, its what gets you ahead, until you wake up” and “You know, its not entirely bad..”

(Xbox Live gamer tag - 'Tokengineer', Come Play)

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