Lilypond and Music Scoring

I have recently been putting a lot of effort into learning a scoring program called Lilypond. I really like Lilypond because it produces very professional looking music scores and is open source.

It takes a while to get used to the programming language and in many ways the work flow is similar to using the LaTeX typesetting system. Actually, I think Lilypond started out as a package for LaTeX, then got big enough to become its own system.

In fitting with our own creative commons philosophy, I thought I would let everyone see my first efforts at scoring the theme for the film.

Music in Production

The theme will form the basis for scoring the film. The current plan is to record a song based, write incidental music and construct a piano arrangement. All will be based on the same music theme. If you listen to our podcast, then you should be familiar with it. The theme for the film score is also the opening and closing tune for the podcast.

Although the recording will be done ourselves, we have brought on a proper singer to help out with the vocals and an extremely competent pianist to arrange a piano version with me. In order to help both of them (and partly for fullness on my part and to support the open aspects of the film) I am endeavouring to score the entire film in a form that will be accessible to musicians that might be interested in performing the work.

An example of what the score looks like is shown below:

Themes of the Mind Score Sample

If anyone has any thoughts on the score, or ways to improve it, give me a shout. In any case, we hope it's a nice teaser for you. A pdf of the current score and the Lilypond code for it are available below:


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