Fictionality Podcast Fifteen

Fictionality Podcast Logo Two young Scots discuss their experiences of making a short film, “Fictional Fiction”, with no experience or budget. A show about the making of films by people who don't know how to make films. This is the first podcast in the new video format. The podcasts will now come in two formats, a video format as MP4, designed for Ipod and other compatible MP4 video players such as Microsoft's Zune and the same audio MP3 feed as before. There will now be an additional feed to subscribe to specifically for the video podcast, the audio feed wont change. In this episode, we talk about what has been happening over the last few months and appologise for the absence of the podcasts, due mainly to Scott's PhD progression for his next year. We bring tales of a webisode, a tutorial on camera tracking with Voodoo in Blender and some more future plans.

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