Fictionality Podcast Fourteen

Fictionality Podcast Logo Two young Scots discuss their experiences of making a short film, “Fictional Fiction”, with no experience or budget. A show about the making of films by people who don't know how to make films. Our first show for 2008, university madness has ment it was really delayed, sorry. We talk about the score for the film and storyboard. We filmed a second webisode too and we talk about the possibility of turning this podcast into a video podcast. We give a budget update, talk about tutorials and discuss a 'show within a show' idea. In the second part of the show we talk about blanket licensing for media, some star trek fan fiction, 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men' and 'Star Trek: Phase II' the first of which is a movie. Both are by the same group and have attracted some of the original cast from the show and also some of the cast from TNG, Voyager and DS9! Aim high guys! We also talk about a university course on blender which is freely available online, we bring you some news from Matt Ebb the lead artist on Elephants Dream talking about making open movies and we talk about Net neutrality and a short film called 'Steal This Film' which talks about how copyright doesn't match people's moral outlook. Phew.

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