Interview and Podcast 4

Here's some information on our next podcast topic and news on the recent interview we had with Paul Caggegi.

The Interview

Hello, this week we were interviewed by Paul Caggegi from Sydney, Australia who produces The Process Diary. The Process Diary is his own blog that, amongst other things, he is using to record the progress he makes in the construction of his own animated film.

The interview can be found on his web pages and we will include it in our next podcast too. We explain more about our film, our motivations and we even gave an exclusive on the outline for our story!

We hope to interview Paul later on down the line to see how his own progress is going.

Podcast ideas for this week

This week our podcast will be discussing the interview and as always our film progress. We will be having a look at one of the scenes which we were having a filming issue with and talk about the different solutions we investigated. We will also take a look at Matte painting which spawned from the scene issue and have a chat about films that use Matte effects.

Have a great week, and as always feel free to use the discussion sections to leave feedback or to start some dialogue with us.

Scott and John.

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